Open source software is computer software which is available under a license that meets the Open source definition. It is freely available, of high quality, and readily adaptable to your needs. Open source is a ready made solution. If you want to build your website using Open Source, we have a solution for it. Open source application simply means free software that can be integrated or can be modify and enjoy the benefits of Open Source. Using open source you will get a high quality job at low cost. Here's some key benefits of using open source software:
No fees for acquirement.
No maintenance fees( if it is low to medium traffic site ).
Low hosting costs.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Cost savings range from 40% to 50% compared to a product developed from scratch, depending on the complexity of customization.
Open Source Software Services
At TechBank, we provide open source softwar development and imlementation services to reduce the business complexity as well as cost to the business:
Migrating the existing application and data to the new software.
Modifying the functionality.
Addition of new features.
Enhancing the features of the ecommerce website with suitable integration.
Reduce complexity.
Easy development on open source frameworks.
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