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e-Learning Management System.
e-Learning Communities.
e-Learning Reporting Systems.
e-Learning Research.
e-Learning Toutorials & Guides.
Online Assessment Systems.
Promotional Education.
E-Learning Technologies
e-Learning Software Tools:
Word, Power Point, Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Director, XML.
e-Learning Software Programming Languages:
C++, Java, JSP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#.
e-Learning Software Database Development:
MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle.
E-Learning Software Graphics Production Tools:
Flash MX, Photoshop, Premier, Fireworks, Flash, Director MX, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, MX Corel Draw, 3D Studio Max.
Open Source e-Learning Solutions
With the growing popularity and support for open source applications, TechBank has a dedicated team focused on open source competency and solution development. The team is focused on providing consulting, implementation, customization, hosting and maintenance of various open source e-Learning solutions available in the market. TechBank has also developed custom learning solutions which are based on open source like aTutor, Claroline, Chamilo, Dokeos, eFront, ILIAS, Moodle, OLAT, Sakai. Our services include:
Setup and Deployment
Third party integrations
E-Learning 2.0 is used to refer to new ways of thinking about e-learning inspired by the emergence of Web 2.0. From an e-Learning 2.0 perspective, conventional e-learning systems were based on
instructional packets that were delivered to students using Internet technologies. The role of the student consisted in learning from the readings and preparing assignments. Assignments were evaluated by the teacher. In contrast, the new e-learning places increased emphasis on social learning and use of social software such as blogs, wikis, podcasts and virtual worlds such as Second Life.
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